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This is an example of how a Jet Swet™ is used in real life.

Plumber's example
Maintenance personnel's example

A major annoyance in the plumbing trade is that every pipe, fitting, and valve needing repair, has to be repaired in a completely water-free environment. If there is water in the pipe while you are trying to solder off an old, faulty valve, the pipe will never get hot enough to melt the solder, allowing the plumber to remove and replace the valve. Before the Jet Swet™ was invented, a valve repair would normally consist of the plumber shutting off the water at the street, opening the faulty valve or another valve down the system and waiting one or two hours, maybe even days for the water to completely drain from the system. This later allows the plumber to complete the repair in a water free environment.

Some plumbers use bread to stop the annoying "trickling" water, but bread can only be used after the water has drained to a trickle (not even "Wonder Bread" can hold back 65 Lbs. of water). This could take hours, and in some cases with large or complicated buildings, we've received calls that it takes even days to reach the point where the plumber can use bread. This delay is both costly to the customer and is unprofessional on the part of the plumber. These unprofessional labor practices tarnish the value of the plumber, the plumbing company or the maintenance firm in the customer's eyes.

The Jet Swet™ is used by the plumber upon arrival to instantly be in control of any water situation. The Jet Swet™ is used by first turning off the active water pressure at the street, opening the faulty valve (if it won't open, most plumbers just cut the valve off), inserting the Jet Swet™ through the draining water stream, through the valve or virgin pipe, compressing the Jet Swet™ gasket and instantly shutting off the water (up to 65 Lbs.!). Now the plumber can immediately repair the pipe or valve, right over the Jet Swet™ tool!

Once the Jet Swet™ is stopping the water, you can solder on a new FULL–PORT or gate valve, right over the Jet Swet™ . If your repair requires you to solder on a restrictive valve, from which the Jet Swet™ cannot be removed, instead of soldering on a regulatory valve, you solder a male nipple onto the pipe over the Jet Swet™ TM, remove the Jet Swet™ from the pipe and then just thread on any "threaded" regulatory valve you want. Close the valve and you are done!

The Plumber looks professional, because Mrs. Jones is not annoyed for paying $60 an hour, for the plumber to sit and watch water drain. The Plumber will be called back for future repairs because of his speed and professionalism.

The Plumber can move on to his next job quickly while still being paid for the first job, thus making more per hour and paying for his Jet Swet™ tools in only a few jobs.

Jet Swet™ tools are made of the highest quality materials possible: High tinsel strength steel, Aircraft aluminum, and Gaskets of pure silicon!

The Jet Swet™ is essential for Building Maintenance Crews, because the management cannot afford to have the water shut off for very long. In many cases, every minute the water is shut off, the management is loosing money or public appeal (like in hospitals, hotels, casinos, convention centers, etc.). The Jet Swet™ helps repair costly problems in minutes, which normally would take hours.

Most times a maintenance crew must go through their management to get funding for new tools. When it is explained to the management that this tool allows the repair to be done by only shutting off the water for minutes instead of hours, funding is almost always approved.

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