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Why Use Jet Swets™?
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  Jet Swets™?
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Table of contents:
Why Use A Jet Swet™?
Major money making benefits of a Jet Swet™
What about bread?
What about freeze–kits?
Same day shipping!
One year warranty:

Why use Jet Swets™?
No more waiting! That's it in a nutshell. Jet Swets™ make you immediately in control of any water line.

Jet Swets™ are the original, professional tool of choice for soldering with the water in the line. As we know, you cannot solder a pipe with water still in it, and it normally takes hours to adequately drain the system to do any repair.

The problem that most plumber's face with draining the system is one of a lack of speed and/or professionalism. Many times, in the case of maintenance personnel, the building's water cannot be shut down more than a couple of minutes. In the case of plumbers, repeat customers are more likely to be retained by doing a job more quickly and efficiently, instead of charging additional hours to just watch water drain.

Jet Swets™ are used (how to use a Jet Swet™) by going straight into any water line system and immediately plugging off the water to gain immediate control of the situation. No more waiting! You do the repair, including soldering, right over the Jet Swet™, then take it back out, through your newly repaired fitting. Jobs that used to take hours are now done in a matter of minutes.

Jet Swets™ have been and are the original, most professional, best made plug tool for over 20 years now. There have been and are various knock–offs that come and go, but Jet Swets™ stand up against them all, and are still the market leader for this kind of tool simply because, Jet Swets™ are made better. Jet Swets™ are made of better quality materials, and are designed, and constantly refined by master plumbers to be far superior to any other product. Almost everyone that buys a Jet Swet™ knock–off ends up purchasing a Jet Swet™ in the end. They become our True Believers.
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The major money–making benefits of the Jet Swet™ are:
  • Doing the pipe repair as soon as you get to the job. No waiting for water to completely drain.
  • Having immediate control over draining or siphoning water.
  • Keep costs down so you can secure more "Contract" work.
  • Never lose money on "Contract" work due to uncontrollable draining water.
  • Service Hotels, Motels, and Appartments more easily.
  • The Jet Swet™ easily pays for itself in one or two jobs!
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What about bread?
An old technique to stopping draining water is to put bread up inside the pipe. Jet Swets™ are an advance on that solution, and superior to it in many significant ways:
  • Jet Swets™ immediately hold an amazing 60–70 lbs of pressure! This water–stopping ability of Jet Swets™ is unyielding and constant.
  • Bread cannot hold back any pressure. Jet Swets™ hold 60–70 lbs.
  • You have to wait a very long time before there is a trickle small enough to insert bread, which pretty much defeats the point. You don't wait at all with Jet Swets™.
  • Using bread requires an almost total evacuation of the pipes, which releases much more water and makes much more mess than is necessary for the job. You apply Jet Swets™ immediately after opening or cutting into a pipe or fixture. Less water, less mess = higher professionalism = job security and repeat customers.
  • Bread ends up dissolving into a sticky substance that gums up all your fixtures. Jet Swets™ leave no residue whatsoever.
  • Bread plugs are unstable and easily becomes dislodged if even the smallest change in system pressure, which is very common during a repair. The Jet Swet™ gasket is a unique rubber/silicon composite that adheres fantastically to the inside of any kind of pipe. Small to moderate, sudden changes in pressure are no match for a Jet Swet™.
  • Shoving bread up into a pipe does not portray the professionalism that most plumbers are trying to demonstrate to a customer. Jet Swets™ are quick, easy and powerful: sure to show that professionalism and competence that all maintenance and plumbing personnel strive for.
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What about Freeze–kits?
Another way of stopping draining water is to use freeze kits. Jet Swets™ are also superior to freeze kits in many significant ways:
  • Freeze kits require many different parts that are easy to loose. Jet Swets™ are each one tool for one pipe. Jet Swets™ are as easy to use as a wrench, and do not require any assembly of losable parts.
  • Freeze kits are heavy. Weight really comes into play when you are working on over–head pipes. Jet Swets™ are light and held inside the pipe. You don't have to tire out your arms holding the tools, just doing the job.
  • Freeze kits create ice plugs, that when they start to melt, melt from the outside in. This creates a small bullet of ice that flies through the system, knocking into, and possibly damaging other fittings and fixtures. Jet Swets™ go into the pipe to plug it and come completely out of the pipe upon completion. Nothing is left inside the pipe to damage the system.
  • Freeze kits, to freeze a pipe, require compressed gas that is heavy, dangerous and must be recharged often. Jet Swets™, like a wrench, do not require anything else to work perfectly. With proper maintenance, the Jet Swet™ should work perfectly for years and years, and of course, Jet Swets™ do not require a dangerous and heavy compressed gas to work.
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Same Day Shipping!
Some years ago, our CEO, Brent Larkin, completely redesigned our production and order fulfillment processes with the goal in mind of "Shipping all product the day it is ordered". Same day shipping is unique in our industry and has become our marching orders, slogan, theme song and daily reality. If we receive the order by 2:00 pm PST, it will be shipped that day, with very, very few exceptions.
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One Year Warranty:
Jet Swets™ are designed from the inside out to be the highest quality tool that you have in your tool box. It is our goal to never, ever be surpassed in design and manufacturing quality. Therefore, manufacturer defects are very low to mostly non–existent. Should you happen to receive a tool with a manufacturer defect that manifests itself within the first year, the defective parts, or entire tool will be replaced immediately and at no cost to you.

There is no warranty on gaskets whatsoever. There is really nothing that can go wrong with a solid chunk of rubber. There is no warranty on gaskets because we don't know, just like you don't know what you are going to find inside that pipe or on that job that may damage or destroy the gasket. Oftentimes, the plumber that worked on the pipes before you, left sharp burrs, ridges or debris inside the pipe that will damage the Jet Swet™ gasket. Some plumbers will go years without replacing a Jet Swet™ gasket, and others will have to replace it almost every other job because of the quality of the plumbing in that area is so poor. For this reason, we offer replacement gaskets very cheap and easy to replace.
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